William Innes, Cr. Photog.


About William Innes

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William Innes (CA) became fascinated with photography at an early age, thanks to his father. It wasn’t his father’s skill, though, that inspired him.

“My dad was not a very good photographer.” “We always joked how people in his photos would have plants or trees growing out of their heads.”

“It was the camera that got me hooked,” William said. “I am definitely right brain/left brain. I loved all the controls on the camera and the way it felt in my hands.

A manufacturing career called after college, however. Eventually, William found himself traveling the globe as president of an aerospace company that specialized in aircraft engine components. During a business stopover in Washington, D.C., William strolled through a camera shop and left with new equipment and a rekindled love for photography.

His passion for photography had been reignited and one event helped precipitate his career change. His nephew from Canada called and asked if he would photograph his wedding? William quickly read a book on wedding photography, traveled to Canada, photographed the wedding, had a blast and was hooked! Less than six months later, he was a full-time wedding photographer.”

“To be a good wedding photographer, you need to be well versed in all kinds of photography — portrait, landscape, action, product. You also need to work well under pressure,” says the self-proclaimed action junkie. His philosophy for wedding photographers: “Yes, we have to capture certain images at all weddings, but spend the rest of the time creating art.”

William works and lives in Santa Clarita, CA with his wife. His favorite wedding venue in Southern California is the one he’s about to shoot.

If you’d like to contact William about your photography needs, contact him via email at william@innesphotography.com or by phone at 323.639.3686.

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