Look Closer: Magnifying the World with a Macro Lens

Conference Program

General Interest

By Joey Terrill

Sponsored by Nikon

WhenSaturday 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
WhereCampus Center Auditorium
SkillAll levels

Sponsored by Nikon

In this session, Joey will discuss the basic equipment needed for macro photography, as well as some exotic gear that makes high-magnification captures much easier. We’ll examine subject possibilities, many helpful tools for positioning subjects, devices used to precisely move the camera, readily available backgrounds, lighting techniques, and how to select the appropriate camera and lens settings. We’ll also touch on the process of focus stacking and how the latest camera technology makes an amazing technique nearly automatic.

A whole range of subjects and possibilities reveals itself when we attach a macro lens to the camera. Its magnification enables us to see what the naked eye misses and reveals the many beautiful textures and colors waiting to be captured. Best of all, when stormy weather or short days limit the opportunities for photography, macro pictures can easily be created anytime in the comfort of the warm indoors.

We’ll explore a variety of subjects including the colors and textures of flowers, the intricate details of feathers and butterflies, the surprising results of photographing water droplets on glass, and why the local home store is a terrific source for some amazing macro subjects.

Finally, we’ll explore several simple lighting techniques that will make your work stand out. Lighting that’s measured in millimeters requires special considerations and we’ll explore many of them. We’ll discuss how to use light successfully, how to control it for maximum impact, and why mastering light will take your macro images from good to great!