Fantastic Focus: A Simple Technique for Incredible Results

Conference Program


By Joey Terrill

Sponsored by Nikon

WhenSaturday 8:30 am – 9:30 am
WhereCampus Center Auditorium
SkillAll levels

Sponsored by Nikon

In this session Joey will share image examples that employ focus stacking, discuss several gear choices that will make your captures more successful, review appropriate camera and lens settings, demonstrate with stills and video why focus stacking is very different from depth of field, consider workflow and software options, and recommend subjects that will make your first attempt at focus stacking a success!

The fascinating images created using focus stacking are often described as “three dimensional,” “hyperreal,” or “extraordinary.” Focus-stacked images appear razor sharp, deeply colorful, and with textural quality that’s usually impossible to capture. But not only are the incredible results possible, the latest camera technology makes it nearly automatic.

Focus stacking is a process of capturing a series of images all focused on a different part of the subject and then merging them together to create a single image that is precisely sharp—anywhere you want precise focus. This is very different from the concept of depth of field because rather than a single point of precise focus combined with the PERCEIVED focus you obtain with depth of field, focus stacking delivers ACTUAL focus—everywhere! Even the smallest f/stop on any lens would not deliver anywhere near the depth of focus obtainable with focus stacking.