Conference Speakers’ Notes

Speakers’ Notes – Free Digital Copy! Optional Purchased Print Copy

The Speakers’ Notes will be available in two formats. A link to a free online version of the speakers’ notes will be sent to all registered attendees one week prior to the conference. In addition, we will have available for sale a printed spiral-bound booklet in full color with over 200 pages, containing diagrams, color pictures and detailed program information in an easy to read format. Notes also include speaker pictures and bios. We will have a limited number for purchase at the Hospitality Table for those who did not purchase them when registering, but the onsite sales will not be discounted. You may pre-purchase the printed notes when you register at the discounted price of $28.75.

Special Opportunity – Place An Ad!

To celebrate NECCC’s 75th Anniversary Photo Conference, we are accepting for the first time, advertisements from speakers, companies, vendors, private individuals and member clubs. The advertisements will be placed in the full-color 200+ page speaker notes available to all attendees online or by printed copy.

You are also invited to support NECCC and your club by buying a congratulatory ad. The ad should be of your own design, perhaps with your club logo and a few words about the club such as location, years of membership, etc. The deadline is April 15. This gives you time to discuss this with your club and prepare an advertisement that represents your club.

For full details on placing an ad – Click Here

Pick up Info

Pre-purchased notes can be picked up at the NECCC Hospitality Desk in Campus Center Main Concourse Level.

Advertise In Speaker Notes Booklet

To celebrate NECCC’s 75th Anniversary Photo Conference for the first time we are accepting advertisements and congratulations. Deadline is April 15.