Pre-Conference Workshops

Conference Workshops

Conference Programs

♦ Feature Presentation Corey Rich – Stories Behind the Images: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography

♦ Feature Presentation Frans Lanting – Eye to Eye with Life

♦ Feature Presentation Scott Kelby – The Stuff They Don’t Tell You

♦ Scott Kelby – Travel Photography: Capturing the Essence of a City

Babnik – The 7 Virtues of a Creative Landscape Photographer

Baumgarten – Seeing: An Exploration of Visual Design in Photography

Benz – Artistic & Technical Principles of Dodging & Burning

Benz – How to Create Amazing Light and Color with Advanced ‘Blend if’ Techniques

Bowie – Landscapes: Moments of Inspiration & Revelation

Bowie – Moonlit: The Art of Photographing by Moonlight

Clemons – The Magic of Blur: Fine Art Flower Photography

Devlin – Smile, Fish: Creating Stunning Aquatic Photos

Fellner – Architectural Photography

Fellner – Creating Your Photography Book

Host – Grace and Balance: Photographing Ballet

Host – Portraits: Creativity & Steampunk

Innes – Travel Photography: Capturing Awesomeness!

Kramer – Luv Blooms In-Camera Techniques to Bring Out the Character in Your Floral Images

Kramer – Phlorography: Post Processing Techniques to Make Your Floral Images Stand Out

Langell – Creative Flat Lay Photography

Langell – Photographing Birds in Flight & Motion

Magnano – Get Creative with Long Exposures

Magnano – Photographer’s Guide to Acadia National Park

McDonald – Capturing Wildlife & Nature

McDonald – The Advantages of Shooting Mirrorless

Needle – Creative Macro Photography

Needle – iPhoneography

Nettelhorst – Adding Pizzazz: Photoshop Not Required

Nguyen – Photographing Trees & Forests

Photo Planning with PhotoPills

Pickett – How To Capture Stunning Landscape Photos With Your iPhone 2X

Pickett – Pushing the Limits of Mobile Photography

Pons – 20 Tips for Great Nature & Wildlife Photos

Pons – Wildlife Photography

Priest – PhotoPills 1: Planning the Shot

Silvia – Get Creative with Photographic Textures

Silvia – Long Exposure Creativity

Streamlined Organization in Lightroom Classic

Terrill – Fantastic Focus: A Simple Technique for Incredible Results

Terrill – Look Closer: Magnifying the World with a Macro Lens

Tharp – Creating Travel & Everyday Photographs with Impact

Tharp – Expressive Nature Photography

Xiomaro – The Art of Phoneography

Xiomaro – Unseen Beauty along the New England Trail

Conference Demonstrations & Interactive Sessions