Virtually Scouting Locations – PhotoPills 2: Advanced Features

Conference Program


By Aaron Priest

WhenPosted in June, Offered Once
WherePosted in June
BringPhone or tablet with PhotoPills installed
SkillIntermediate to Advanced – Familiarity with PhotoPills
CostIncluded in your registration

Join Aaron for a hands-on walk-through of some of the advanced tools of PhotoPills. In this second tutorial we will be discussing more complicated topics like hyperfocal distance, circle of confusion, diffraction, field of view, depth of field, and how PhotoPill’s tools can make these calculations easy.

We will spend some time using the dedicated tools of FoV, DoF, Spot Stars, Exposure, Timelapse, and Meteor Showers and see how they complement the Planner tool. While attending the first tutorial on the planner tool is not a pre-requisite, this presentation does require some familiarity with PhotoPills and is for the intermediate to advanced user. You will want PhotoPills installed on a phone or tablet (iOS or Android) to follow along.