How To Capture Stunning Landscape Photos With Your iPhone 2X

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By Clifford Pickett

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The Ultimate Workflow:  A fully automated, modern solution that actually works.  Anywhere.  Every time.  With one click.

What if I told you your workflow can be automated down to just one click to organize and two clicks to find any image you’ve ever taken? The best workflow is one that requires the least amount of work possible. Less work, more flow. 

Seriously, this really is the ultimate workflow solution. Also, if your workflow doesn’t work ALL of the time, it doesn’t work at all. 

The workflow outlined in this class is the ONLY workflow that works ALL of the time. This updated solution leverages all of the capabilities of Adobe’s creative cloud to offer a fully mobile solution. 

Now you can hit the road and leave your laptop behind. And your hard drives. And your backups. And your memory cards. And power cables. You get the idea. Simplify. Lighten up. If you travel at all you’re going to want to see this. You can be shooting in China and your original RAW files, including edits will all be backed up to your computer and hard drives at home, in the right folders, with all of the edits and ratings intact. This really is the solution for every photographer. 

It’s the ultimate workflow.