Pushing the Limits of Mobile Photography

Conference Program

Smartphone/Mobile Device

By Clifford Pickett

WhenSaturday 8:30 am – 9:30 am
WhereThompson 102
SkillAll levels

Your guide to leveraging the full creative potential of the camera you always have with you.

This presentation is designed for the photographer who wants to learn more about the future of photography and how best to harness the full creative potential of their smartphone. However good you think your smartphone camera is, prepare to be surprised.  

By utilizing specialized apps, hardware and various techniques, these cameras are capable of truly stunning results, well beyond what you think is even possible. It’s time we move beyond comparing them to DSLR’s, they represent an entirely different segment of cameras.  They are at once, the most simple and the most advanced cameras ever made.

This class is about taking your preconceived notions about mobile photography and turning them on their head. We’ll go well beyond just how to navigate their inherent obstacles, tiny sensors, low resolution, low light capabilities, dynamic range, lack of interchangeable lenses, etc and we’ll take you into a world that leverages all of their inherent advantages.

Not only will you learn how to achieve stunning results with your phone, you’ll discover a new approach to photography, how to lighten up, mentally and physically, and become a better photographer in the process. What happens when you use a camera with no options, with no buttons even? When there’s no decisions to be made other than the ones that actually matter… Light, color, composition, gesture, decisive moment. Image quality starts to take on a whole new meaning. This class will focus as much on perspective as it will on technique. Come join the light side!

  • Topics to be covered include:
  • Overview of the current state of mobile phone cameras and demonstration of their capabilities
  • Camera app recommendations and demonstrations – go well beyond the native camera app’s functionality
  • Lens choices as well as gear and app recommendations
  • Working with the native app, auto HDR, deep fusion and night mode as well as RAW, HDR, exposure bracketing and long exposures using third party apps
  • Workflow solutions and Post-processing demonstrations
  • Various Multi-shot techniques to drastically increase resolution, reduce noise and extend dynamic range
  • Additional tips and techniques to get the best possible image quality
  • Perspective – How to lighten up, how to simplify and how to not just capture but be in the moment

Prepare to have your mind blown as you learn to Lighten Up!