How to Capture Stunning Landscape Photos with Your iPhone

Conference Program

Smartphone/Mobile Device

By Clifford Pickett

WhenFriday 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
WhereIntegrative Learning Center S131
SkillAll levels

You Can Capture Exceptional Landscape Photos Even In Ordinary Locations!

Does this sound familiar? You could be on a road trip exploring a new area, or you could be strolling around your local park with your family, when you suddenly come across a view that’s just too good to be true. So, you grab your iPhone and take a couple of shots, but for some reason, these photos look nothing like the view in front of your eyes. They’re flat and lifeless. They just don’t capture the beauty you’re seeing. I bet you’ve had this experience more than once… And you’re definitely not alone!

Even The Most Beautiful Views Often Result In Poor Landscape Photos.

On the surface, landscape photography looks easy; just find a stunning location and take a few photos of what you’re seeing. But anyone who’s tried it knows how difficult it is to show that beauty in a photo. When you’re taking a landscape photo, you compress a three-dimensional scene into a two-dimensional image. And the beauty of the scene is usually lost in that process. That’s why world-class views often result in flat images that are average at best. And it’s particularly painful if you only get one chance to visit that location.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! You won’t want to miss this presentation!