Adding Pizzazz: Photoshop Not Required

Conference Program


By Lou and Todd Nettelhorst

WhenFriday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
WhereCampus Center 163
SkillAll levels

Did you know that “playing” can help you access your creativity? In this session, Lou and Todd explore many creative techniques for “playing” photographically to enhance your images without relying on Photoshop®.

Join us as we explore fun ideas and methods for ADDING PIZZAZZ to your photography. Have you ever thought of creating abstracts by shooting through glass or isolating subjects using selective focus? What about time exposures, or using artificial light to illuminate subjects in unique ways? Multiple exposures can be used to form impressionistic images. Creative sequences enhance slide show imagery, and unusual angles set up unique compositions. Double exposed images as montages; shooting through water droplets using Rain-X®; and catching reflections on water, metal, Mylar® and other surfaces are also ideas that will be explored.

Todd and Lou show how you can use these techniques and more in the field, to create interesting, artistic images in-camera, rather than with software. Tap into your creativity and have fun exploring some new ideas, and some old ones, differently!