Mo Devlin


About Mo Devlin

Morrell Devlin (PA) is a resident of Dallas, PA. He is married to Lisa Devlin, a humane officer in the county he lives in. He has three kids and six grandkids.

Morrell is a 1973 graduate of Tamaqua Area High School. His passion for photography began during his high school years. “At the time, the school started a media program. I was intrigued by the video cameras. The teacher, George Taylor, played a big part in supporting me and furthering my interest.”

Devlin joined the Army and served for nine years, working in the American Forces Radio and Television division. In this capacity, his experience was pretty diverse. In addition to military photos, Devlin photographed and interviewed Presidents and celebrities. He worked as a photo editor for a military newspaper, a medical photographer while in Europe and with the American Forces Korea network while in Asia.

Devlin has a passion for keeping and photographing tropical fish. He is known internationally for aquatic photography which is published regularly in several hobby magazines both in the USA and throughout the world and also in National Geographic. His photos are also seen throughout the internet under the name “Aquamojo” and on his website He currently keeps 23 fish tanks in his home, with a total of 3000 gallons of water.

A fan of all photography, Morrell continues to experiment and push his creative core. His goal with aquatic photography is to create photos that not only showcase the beauty and color of fish but also capture them in unique poses. Devlin started both his love of keeping an aquarium around the same time he picked up his camera. He’s been taking fish photos for over forty years.

About his work, he says, “I always hope that my art moves the viewer on the inside. That when they look at one of my tropical fish photos, that they see something that isn’t ‘ordinary.’ That my images also tell a story about the unique nature of the animal.”

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