Conference Maps

The Lincoln Campus Center is the focal point of the conference. The Registration Desk and Hospitality Table are located on the main level. The University Bookstore, Blue Wall CafĂ© and several coffee/food shops are on this level as well. Programs are given in the Campus Center Auditorium and various other rooms and buildings. You can reach the Lower Level (reached by escalator or elevator). Photo-Ops, model sessions, the vendor trade show, and other activities take place here. Some rooms on the upper floors are also used for programs. The print room is located at a NEW location — in the Old Chapel. The Campus Center is connected to the Parking Garage.

The Fine Arts Center is where the main program of the weekend is given on Saturday night. Capable of seating 2000 people, the theater will be the only spot where all the attendees will be at the same program at the same time. The special door prizes are given away before the Feature Presentation.

Some outdoor female model activities are held near the Campus Pond. You can sit by the pond and photograph the ducks swimming by.

The UMass campus is in the heart of the photogenic Pioneer Valley of the Connecticut River basin among the foothills of the eastern Berkshires. Many attendees and instructors, before or following the conference, make a vacation of photographing the picturesque region or venturing north to Vermont and New Hampshire.

Conference – 2019 map

Campus Center – First Floor – 2019 Trade Show

Campus Center – Second Floor (main floor) – 2019 Trade Show