Luv Blooms: In-Camera Techniques to Bring Out the Character in Your Floral Images

Conference Program


By Jackie Kramer

WhenSaturday 10:00 am
WhereCampus Center 163
SkillAll levels

Shooting flowers to bring out their personality and/or impart a feeling demands more than making a technically proficient image. Jackie will share a variety of techniques to bring out the character in floral subjects. She will offer examples and behind the scenes insight into creating images.

Learn how to bring out the character in flowers using techniques such as straightforward macro with selective focus, shoot-throughs, varying lens choice, abstracts, multiples, textures, and more.

Hear Jackie’s rationale as it applies to decisions in the field pertaining to selection of the subject, background, approach, composition, lighting, exposure, and depth of field. You will leave with fresh ideas to apply next time you head out to shoot flowers!