Travel Photography in 2020: Capturing Awesomeness!

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By William Innes, Cr. Photog.

Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix

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Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix

As we become more mobile and travel – are we putting too much emphasis on the gear and not the experience? Regardless if we are visiting our local zoo, a National Park or traveling around the world – we want to capture awesome imagery while being in the moment and enjoying the experience. Our choice of equipment and “stuff” has a huge impact on our ability to create.

After visiting more than 45 countries in every continent except Antarctica and over 44 of the 50 States, I have an appreciation for keeping it simple, while creating images that tell a story. I will share images from these voyages and discuss how to create photographs with impact using the latest camera systems. We will also discuss many general travel hacks and tips – to make your trip more enjoyable. Things like packing, clothes, navigating airports, security and camera gear.

Some of the benefits of traveling simple and light include:
• Less weight!
• Being present and enjoying your travel experience.
• Ease of editing images on the go.
• Less Stress!!!

Items to be covered will include:
1. Why use mirrorless cameras versus DSLR’s
2. Equipment considerations – including accessories and gear to edit like a pro on the road.
3. Preparation – what to do before your trip to increase the odds of capturing great photographs.
4. William’s top five secrets for great travel images!
5. How to be a minimalist during your travel I’ll share hacks and tips.
6. How to share your travel photos during your trip and after you get home.
7. Easy and quick post production – the finishing touches. What software and Apps to use.