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About Corey Rich

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Corey Rich (CA) is a Nikon Ambassador, director, and photographer based in South Lake Tahoe, California. He has built a life and career around his passions for travel, adventure, and telling authentic, creative, and cinematic stories with his camera. With a background in rock climbing and photojournalism, Rich’s work spans a wide range of mediums and genres, from shooting iconic still and motion spots that document cutting-edge adventures, to directing high-production-value commercial projects for Fortune 50 companies, to educating the next generation of storytellers.

Rich is a partner and co-owner of Novus Select, a production company and assignment agency based in South Lake Tahoe, California. He is a co-founder and lead instructor of the Summit Series Adventure Photography Workshop.

And he is the author of the critically acclaimed STORIES BEHIND THE IMAGES, published by the Mountaineers Books in 2019.

He lives with his wife, Marina, daughter, Leila, and dog, Preta, in South Lake Tahoe.

You can find him at or on Instagram @coreyrichproductions.

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