Conference Guidelines

NECCC has developed guidelines to maximize your enjoyment of the conference. Taking the time to read these will allow for a better experience for everyone.

  • The website has a Campus Map with a description of the various buildings we use.
  • The most current tentative downloadable schedule will be available at the end of May. View the latest. It will list rooms and times of each program.
  • Browse site to read the program descriptions.
  • Our sessions start precisely at the scheduled time. Once the room doors have closed, there is no entry allowed.
    • Entering a program once it’s underway creates noise, distraction, and spills light onto the screen. We realize that circumstances may have you arriving late to a session, in that case, there are many activities going on around campus that you can take advantage of in that time frame, such as Model Photography (indoor and out); Photo Ops setups; Visiting the trade show area; and doing photography around the campus.
  • As a courtesy to the speaker and those around you, please don’t leave until the program is over. Of course, if you absolutely have to leave, you will not be able to re-enter.
  • Before a session begins, please make sure mobile phones and all electronic devices are turned off.
  • Speakers’ Notes have been sent to you free of charge as an online download and are also available for purchase at the hospitality desk in the Campus Center, so you need not take notes.
    • However, if you wish to do so during a program when the lights are out, please do not use a light source (flashlight, phone, tablet) to illuminate your pad as it is very distracting to those around you. If you must have a light source, please sit in the back rows of the seating area.
  • Please, no videotaping in any of the presentations. Most of our speakers are professionals sharing copyrighted material in their presentations and have their own tutorial or eBooks for sale. You may visit with them, learn about their workshops, tours and purchase their materials at the speaker table on the main concourse of the Campus Center.
  • Fire laws prohibit blocking of the aisles.
  • Do not forget to always wear your badge. It is your admission ticket and shows that you have paid for the conference. Without a badge, you may be turned away from a session.

Thank you for your cooperation.