Come Learn Your Menu: Canon

Demonstration & Interactive Session

General Interest

By Chane Cullens, HonNEC

WhenPosted in June, delivered once
WherePosted in June
BringCanon camera
SkillAll levels
CostIncluded in your registration

Chane Cullens, HonNEC will be holding a hands-on session to master your camera menu system. Leverage the Canon menu settings to map the camera functionality to your preferences. Learn how to use the Quick menu for your most common adjustments without searching for various buttons and dials. Explore the range of menu options and learn how to save your settings for use on another day.

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Chane Cullens has been taking photos for 5 decades and believes the 2 best moments in camera history were when Canon introduced an autofocus SLR in 1987 and when reasonably priced DSLRs arrived in 2004. Chane enjoys presenting on photography on a variety of topics from, how to use your camera to, how to craft winning photos. He has taken photos in 34 countries, while traveling the world for work and fun.