Chane Cullens, HonNEC


About Chane Cullens

Chane Cullens, HonNEC (CT) has been using Canon cameras since Canon introduced the Canon EOS autofocus single-lens reflex camera line in 1987.

Chane has delivered presentations to camera clubs on the “Elements of an Excellent Photo” which help photographers understand how judges look at photos. He has also created and delivered a follow up presentation titled, “It’s Not About Gear; Composition, Lighting, Technique and Center of Interest.” Chane is always willing to teach people new things and has delivered presentations on “Leveraging Your Camera’s Intelligence” and “The 5 Best Ways To Avoid Losing Your Photographs Our Digital World.” Three years ago, he created and continues to deliver an annual all-day hands-on photography workshop which not only covers many of the basics of photography, but also covers downloading and some post-processing of the photos. He also created and taught a class on Nature Photography for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Chane has taken many award-winning photos. In 2017 he won the NECCC Conference 1st Place Monochrome Print Portrait Award. The previous year two of his photos were accepted by the Connecticut Association of Photographers for their TOPS 100 selection. He also won the Best in Show Award at Flagpole Photographers’ annual competition last year and prior to that won the club’s annual Nature Award which earned his photo a permanent placement on the wall of the town library. Other award-winning photos of his can be found lining the walls of a local restaurant, Newtown Community Center, Newtown Senior Center and many local homes which were purchased after seeing them in one of the many exhibits Chane participates in.

Chane has been judging for regional camera clubs for years including both monthly competitions and annual competitions. He offers insightful critiques and suggestions to allow the maker to increase the strength of their photos.

Chane has been taking photos for 5 decades and believes the 2 best moments in camera history were when Canon introduced an autofocus SLR in 1987 and when reasonably priced DSLRs arrived in 2004. Chane enjoys presenting on photography on a variety of topics from how to use your camera to how to craft winning photos. He has taken photos in 34 countries, while traveling the world for work and fun.