Moonlit: The Art of Photographing by Moonlight

Conference Program


By Mark Bowie, AMEC

Sponsored by Adirondack Photography Institute

WhenSunday 10:00 am – 11:00 am
WhereCampus Center 163
SkillAll levels

Sponsored by Adirondack Photography Institute

In targeting the Milky Way, most night photographers avoid photographing under a large moon. Yet there’s much more to discover under moonlight. Unbelievably beautiful… otherworldly… Moonlight on the landscape opens profound creative possibilities for night photographers. It provides fill light, illuminating details and colors of both man-made structures and natural subjects. It theatrically interacts with clouds, fog and water, offering artistic possibilities for shooting stills, time-lapse and video.

Mark will discuss using apps such as PhotoPills to help position photographers to best take advantage of moonlit subjects. He’ll cover innovative field and processing techniques, camera settings, and how to compose, focus, and determine exposure. He will also cover artistic possibilities presented under all phases, optical phenomena created by moonlight, photographing eclipses and long exposures of the moon, shooting and blending multiple exposures for detail in the moon and landscape, and shooting time interval and time-lapse sequences of the moon’s journey across the night sky.

Ultimately, this multimedia presentation exposes viewers of all skill levels to the artistic possibilities of this little-covered facet of night photography — our nocturnal world lit by the light of the moon, with the ambience, mystery and a sense of wonder it brings.