Lou and Todd Nettelhorst: Adding Pizzazz Coaching

Photo Walk

WhenSaturday 7:00 am – 8:00 am
WhereListed in your photo walk registration info
SkillAll levels
CostIncluded in your registration: July 6th Signup Deadline

Photo Walks are one hour long and limited in size. This is your chance to spend some quality time shooting with a NECCC Speaker and asking them questions.

Note: Photo Walks are subject to availability, so register early!
Max one per attendee.

Lou Nettelhorst is an accomplished professional nature photographer and teacher. He’s an award winner, stunning image-maker, and master educator. Lou is a man with a purpose – a purpose to help photographers discover and explore the artist within while making the process fun, creative and rewarding through his unique teaching style.

Todd Nettelhorst is a professional, photography educator who enjoys bringing his charismatic energy and unique photographic perspective to others. Todd uses his signature style to help students discover their own artistic abilities and see the “pictures within pictures.” He is excited to share his most recent explorations with phone photography and apps to create stunning visual images.