André Gallant

André Gallant

 New Brunswick, Canada

About André

André Gallant, ANEC has been a professional photographer for over 35 years. He is constantly in pursuit of expressive images in far-flung places such as China, Greenland, India, Namibia and New Zealand to name a few. André teaches Photography Workshops in New Brunswick with Freeman Patterson and on his own in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. He also leads photo tours to Provence and Tuscany sharing travel experiences with just a few participants making the experience more intimate and personal.

André is the author of various photography books including Innovation, Inspiration, Expressionism, Destinations and Dreamscapes. He lectures throughout Canada and the US. André’s work has appeared in numerous magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Canadian Camera, Canadian Gardening, Canadian Living, Gardening Life, En Route, etc. André is the recipient of two National Magazine Awards for his photography. He resides in Saint John, New Brunswick. To see more of his work, his web site can be viewed at: You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

MOMENTS – quest for solace through the beauty of nature

Join André Gallant, ANEC, on his most recent photographic journey where he found solace in nature’s beauty. With anecdotes accompanying his most recent images, André will share how he discovered the healing powers of the camera through personal difficult times as well as the advent of Covid-19 which changed the world we live in. “This past year I went out almost every morning with my camera, driving to places of beauty and comfort. Each day, I embraced solitude and photographed with the heart. Either captivated by the light, or being witness to awe inspiring scenery, my spirits were uplifted and knew I there was hope”.