Clinic: Designing your Photographs Using the Building Blocks of Visual Design

Conference Workshop

By Lou & Todd Nettelhorst

WhenSun 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
WhereListed in your workshop registration info
BringCamera with closeup capability and tripod
SkillAll levels
CostNo charge if registered before June 24 ($65 after)

This is a great conference event but please note that this workshop is at the same time as the three program slots (various speakers presenting Sunday 8:30-9:30am, 10-11am and 11:30am-12:30pm). By signing up for this workshop you are committed 8:30-12:30 on Sunday. This workshop has limited enrollment: please sign up only if you plan on attending.

Lou and Todd invite you to join this four-hour Clinic where you learn to design images, not just take them. Based on the Nettelhorst Teaching Model, the Clinic has three sessions: INFORM, PRACTICE and FEEDBACK. Their objectives are to enhance your awareness of subjects, tap into your creativity and teach you to see differently.

The INFORM session is a presentation titled, Designing Your Photos: Using the Building Blocks of Visual Design*. Lou and Todd help you compose photographs using visual design concepts. The building-blocks they explore are: Light, Line, Shape, Texture, and Perspective. From these, they develop Four Principles of Picture Organization: Dominance, Balance, Proportion and Pattern. Using these Principles together help you create those beautiful compositions. Lou and Todd share images illustrating all the concepts presented in this informative and fun presentation. Regardless of your knowledge and experience, you should gain a better understanding of how to create the photographs you want.

The PRACTICE session is a hands-on, macro shooting experience, where you will try out concepts learned in the INFORM presentation. Todd and Lou provide individual or small group coaching throughout.

The FEEDBACK session is an opportunity for practice session participants to submit one image for gentle, honest feedback. This session is NOT a competition, but is designed to be encouraging and constructive, while providing ideas for future growth as a photographer. Participants may learn and gain ideas to consider as they view others’ images and listen to the ideas and suggestions offered by Lou and Todd.

The Clinic enhances your awareness of subjects, taps into your creativity and teaches you to see differently, as you practice what you learn, and receive gentle, but honest feedback. It might just change your photographic life!

*[This presentation was inspired, in part, by content from FREEMAN PATTERSON’s Photography and Visual Design Workshops (2000, ‘01 & ‘02) and is used with Freeman’s approval.]

Pre-registration is required. Class sizes are limited; Register Early!