The Art of Phoneography

Conference Program


By Xiomaro

WhenPosted in June, Offered Twice
WherePosted in June
SkillBeginner to Intermediate
CostIncluded in your registration

In the “The Art of Phoneography,” I will show you how to take better photos that are unique to you – even with a smartphone – by learning how to see like an artist. Using iconic examples from the masters of photography, painting, cinematography, animation, and other visual arts, I will decode their work to show you how they created compelling images that have stood the test of time. The secret is in breaking down what we see into five important compositional principles.

So it’s not about having an expensive camera, great Photoshop skills, or other technical experience. Indeed, you can have all that and still end up with a mediocre and cliched photograph if you don’t know how to see in a way that is unique to you. This program is derived from a four-hour program I teach at the U.S. National Park Service with a mere smartphone camera. To prove my point, at the program, you can examine my printed, matted, and framed smartphone photographs, which I’ll have on display.

Why lose a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity because you left your big heavy DSLR at home? The best camera is the one that is always with you. So learn how you can whip out that smartphone, and, freed from having to make cumbersome settings, create an exhibitable image that reflects your individual aesthetic and point of view.