Lightroom: The Ultimate Image Workflow

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By Clifford Pickett

WhenPosted in June
WherePosted in June
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This is a very different class than others you have taken. Lightroom is a powerful tool but the most powerful tool available to you as a photographer is knowledge. Have you ever wondered what actually makes an image better and why?

This class is designed to provide you with just that knowledge. It turns out there is a specific way in which we are all hardwired to view and absorb visual information, including photographs – this knowledge is the key to unlocking the secret to post-processing magic.

In this class, Cliff will demonstrate his Visual Roadmap – a framework for understanding and applying the various tools available in Lightroom so that each adjustment is grounded in intent and purpose, in knowing of actually makes an image better. Basically… when you look at your photo, you’ll know what to do and how to do it.

Most photographers, even those who have been using Lightroom for a while now, have no idea of the real power under the hood.  Whether you’re a total beginner or advanced photographer,  you’re going to walk away with the knowing of how to do things you never knew of or thought about before, that you didn’t even know was possible inside of Lightroom.  

We’re going to way beyond just what the sliders do here!