Maximum Depth of Field Using Focus Stacking and Bracketing

Pre-Conference Workshop

By Peter Baumgarten

WhenFri 8:30 am – 11:30 am
WhereListed in your workshop registration info
BringCamera, SD Card, Tripod. Olympus will have cameras and lenses available to try focus stacking in-camera.
SkillAll levels. Must be able to stand during workshop.
Cost$70, after Jun 26 $90

Anyone who has worked with a macro lens recognizes that it can be a real challenge to achieve a sharp subject from front to back and still maintain a nice, soft, defocused background. In fact, with most subjects it’s an impossible task.

Enter focus stacking or focus bracketing. The concept is simple. Take a series of photos with each one being focused at a slightly different point on your subject. Olympus has automated the process so that you can achieve the maximum depth of field and get the final stacked image – all in your Olympus camera! This same concept can also be used to create landscape images with incredible depth of field.

Join Olympus Visionary Peter Baumgarten for this hands-on workshop on how to use the focus stacking and bracketing feature built into Olympus OMD cameras. You will learn the basics of focus stacking and bracketing, the camera controls that will guarantee better success and some post-processing options available for focus bracketing. This feature can be used for both macro and landscape shooting situations.