Life-Size and Beyond: A Workshop in Macro Photography

Pre-Conference Workshop

By Joey Terrill

Sponsored by Nikon

WhenFri 8:30 am – 11:30 am
WhereListed in your workshop registration info
SkillAll levels
Cost$70, after Jun 26 $90

Sponsored by Nikon

Immerse yourself in the colors, textures and incredible detail that’s revealed through macro photography. In this hands-on shooting workshop (bring your camera) we’ll be using colorful feathers, butterfly wings, flower petals, and many other subjects as we experiment with a variety of macro techniques.

Our emphasis will be on choosing interesting subjects, composing for maximum impact, and using controlled lighting to reveal every intricacy of your subject. The process of composing and lighting can be calming and meditative as you progress, or adrenaline-filled as you see the final result begin to emerge. The pictures are always revealing in their detail and the creative process is deeply satisfying to experience.

We’ll have access to all the equipment needed for macro photography, as well as some exotic gear that makes high-magnification captures much easier. We’ll use helpful tools for positioning subjects, discuss some devices used to precisely move the camera, employ some readily available backgrounds and discuss optional camera and lens settings. Everyone will have ample time to create several new images. I hope you’ll come magnify the world with us!